Energy centres

We develop energy centres for large buildings and industrial facilities where our customers exploit surplus heat and energy for their own use or for possible onward sale to the market.

Energy centers

These instal­la­tions ensure recycling of surplus heat inside and outside the customer’s facility, often in combi­nation with heat extraction from geothermal wells and/or seawater.  

They deliver heating, cooling and hot water (tap-water systems) to buildings and industrial plants. 

A mainte­nance contract gives you, as the customer, a single point of contact. All service work is then concen­trated in one agreement, giving access to personnel on call around the clock. 

If you require, we can support you in operating the energy centre, and can also make provision for onward sale of energy and surplus heat. 

Turnkey deliveries
Solid consul­tancy capabi­lities are offered for energy management and devel­opment projects. Our customers receive expert support from an early stage in their project and, if requested, we take respon­s­i­bility for subcon­tractors and parallel suppliers to the project. 

We offer our customers complete technical deliveries, such as system design, supply of cooling and heat pumping systems, pipework, elect­rical instal­la­tions, management and automation, and integration with surrounding infrastructure.

Environment-friendly climate solutions
We are a leading supplier of refri­ge­ration systems and heat pumps with natural refri­gerants, backed by solid expertise on and experience with energy consumption and heat recovery.

This in turn helps our customers to reduce their environ­mental impact, avoid unneces­sarily high energy costs and exploit surplus energy commer­cially. 

Advice on support schemes
Choosing innovative energy and climate solutions opens opport­u­nities to take advantage of government environ­mental support schemes, including grants from Enova. 

We can give good advice on support arran­ge­ments available for energy, efficiency-enhan­cement and climate-related measures which carry the construction industry towards a low-emission society. 


Environment-friendly energy plant for Marøya salmon facility

Environment-friendly energy plant for Marøya salmon facility

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Energy consumption halved in housing cooperative

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Energy centre for Tromsø port terminal

Energy centre for Tromsø port terminal

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