Energy consumption halved in housing cooperative

Foto: Torstein Frogner

We developed Norway’s first and largest instal­lation for tap-water heating (hot water) with CO2 heat pumps in 2010 for the Tveita housing coope­rative in Oslo.

This is the third largest body of its kind in Norway, with 8 019 flats, and our delivery was one of several measures which have more than halved its energy consumption.

The coope­rative previously utilised fossil fuel – heavy oil – and burnt the equivalent of about 12 million kWh per annum.

Installing our system cut this figure by one million kWh. That is relatively substantial, given that it only covers hot water. Running costs were reduced by no less than NOK 1 million.

Once all energy-saving measures had been imple­mented, the Tveita coope­rative had reduced consumption by some eight million kWh and spending by NOK 8 million – annually.

Its total investment to secure these savings was around NOK 45 million, but the whole amount had been recovered in just over five years.

This project won Norway’s heat pump prize in 2013 for innovative use of new technology.

Photo: Torstein Frogner

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