Complete heating and refri­ge­ration solutions for process plants in the food sector and other process industries. 


We deliver complete heating and refri­ge­ration solutions for process plants in the food sector, such as breweries and dairies, and other process industries. 

These systems are tailored to the require­ments of each customer, from the smallest instal­la­tions to large plants. 

Our environment-friendly and efficient solutions safeguard the quality of the end product by providing fast and precise tempe­rature management, covering everything from disinfection, via cooking and cooling, to refrigeration/freezing.

Process industries depend on stable and efficient production, whether that requires high tempe­ra­tures, fast cooling or reliable low tempe­ra­tures. Our expertise and level of service allow us to safeguard value for our customers in a secure manner.

Heat recovery
We are committed to efficient heating, cooling and freezing with the lowest possible energy consumption. Heat recovery therefore occupies a natural place in our deliveries. 

Natural refri­gerants
We supply refri­ge­ration plants with all types of refri­gerants, but generally recommend natural options with a low global warming potential (GWP). 


Environment-friendly energy plant for Marøya salmon facility

Environment-friendly energy plant for Marøya salmon facility

PTG secures major contract from SinkabergHansen
A cold beer

A cold beer

We have equipped the historic Mack brewery in Tromsø with transcri­tical chillers using CO2…
Superior sausages

Superior sausages

H Mydland is a meat processor in Tromsø with roots extending back to 1920. Tradition, expertise and quality have always been core…
Dried fish all year round

Dried fish all year round

Its new drying plant allows Nergård Seafood in northern Norway to meet inter­na­tional demand for dried cod, saithe, haddock and tusk throughout the year.…
Utilising energy to the full

Utilising energy to the full

The Arctic Filet freezer plant at Torsken in Senja opened in 2016 after the company had expanded its factory and invested in new…
Fast freezing gives finer fish quality

Fast freezing gives finer fish quality

Family-owned J M Langaas has installed Super­Freeze plate and tunnel freezers for use with white fish.…
Ice cream vans

Ice cream vans

Isbjørn Is in Bergen produces 12 tonnes of ice cream per day, which it sells in part directly to people…

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