Utilising energy to the full


The Arctic Filet freezer plant at Torsken in Senja opened in 2016 after the company had expanded its factory and invested in new production equipment with our Super­Freeze CO2 solution.

This plant has a daily capacity of 50 tonnes of salmon fillets, split between two tunnel freezers, and some 500 square metres of storage. The actual tunnel design is also innovative and inspired by systems for producing salted/dried klippfish.

In designing the plant, we have empha­sised using all available energy resources. Quick freezing of the fillets is supple­mented by full recovery of waste energy, used to heat hot water and the building as well as to thaw out all external loading ramps.

Arctic Filet’s freezer plant incor­po­rates technology which allows it to reach a tempe­rature of ‑50°C. The company says that this facility uniquely preserves the quality of the products.

Feedback from customers is very good. Two US restaurant chains, for instance, have switched to frozen salmon because they find the quality of Arctic Filet’s products superior to fresh fish.

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