Recruiting service techni­cians and apprentices

PTG acquires Rørvik Kulde
From left: Sturla Johansen, CEO of Rørvik Kulde, Amund Tausvik Johansen, technician and CEO-designate, and technician Frode Kjølstad.
Perfect Tempe­rature Group (PTG) has entered into an agreement to acquire Rørvik Kulde at Rørvik in Nærøysund local authority, and will be making a big commitment in Rørvik and Namsos. Its aim is to double the workforce as soon as possible. “We want to build local expertise which enjoys devel­opment opport­u­nities in a big group,” says PTG CEO Terje Arnesen. “So we’re starting an immediate recruitment campaign in the Rørvik and Namsos areas.

“We’ve taken on more than 100 new employees in PTG since 2020, and are keen to recruit more able people for Rørvik Kulde in the time to come. That includes three-four service techni­cians and prefe­rably a couple of highly motivated apprentices.”

Strengt­hening presence along the Norwegian coast

The area around Nærøysund and Namsos in Trøndelag county is home to a substantial seafood and fish farming sector, and repre­sents a highly relevant market for PTG. A local presence will open further growth opportunities.

“We’ve had a trustful colla­bo­ration over many years, and Rørvik and Namsos represent a natural extension in geograp­hical terms to our existing activities along the Norwegian coast,” says Arnesen.

A number of aquaculture players are located in the area, and positions along the Namdal coast with its north-south sailing channel also make Rørvik and Namsos a good base for providing service to both fishing vessels and well boats.

Recruiting to tomorrow’s industry

Arnesen says that appli­cants can by all means have a background in trades other than refri­ge­ration, since PTG has good arran­ge­ments for in-house training. He can also tempt potential new recruits with an aggressive sustai­na­bility strategy and inter­e­sting career opport­u­nities in the group.

“The human population of the planet is steadily increasing, and a larger proportion of what we eat is coming from the oceans. At PTG, we’re part of a forward-looking seafood sector where our role is to develop energy-efficient and sustai­nable solutions based on natural refri­gerants which help to increase food quality and durability, and reduce wastage.”


Rørvik Kulde has four permanent employees and more than 30 years of experience as a refri­ge­ration entre­preneur in and around Rørvik. The company has a broad portfolio of products and services, and works with both commercial and industrial cooling.

Its founder is Sturla Johansen, and he and his colle­agues will now be joined by additional able personnel.

“We acquired many good references over the years,” Johansen observes. “Our customers have chosen us to supply refri­ge­ration equipment for many reasons, but the most important is our unique experience of the industry based on loyal and profes­sional personnel with an eye for good solutions.”

In connection with the takeover, he is planning to reduce his workload as CEO and will be handing over the reins to colleague Amund Tausvik Johansen.

Together with Rørvik Kulde, PTG has delivered a complete energy plant providing sustai­nable cooling and heat for this facility. A thoroug­hgoing concen­tration on energy has yielded a very high proportion of recycled heat – put at 2.98 GWh or almost three million kilowatt hours (kWh) a year. From left: Halle Løvmo, technical manager at Lakse­fab­rikken, Amund Tausvik Johansen, technician and incoming general manager in Rørvik Kulde, and group manager factory Eskil Laukvik in Sinka­berg­Hansen outside Laksefabrikken.

Close colla­bo­ration

Rørvik Kulde colla­bo­rates closely on refri­ge­ration solutions with suppliers both large and small – including PTG.

The Sinka­berg­Hansen group is one of Norway’s more substantial independent aquaculture players, has its head office, harve­sting facility and plant in Rørvik, and is an important customer for Rørvik Kulde.

A number of the latter’s bigger projects for Sinka­berg­Hansen have been delivered in colla­bo­ration with PTG, including a complete plant facility providing sustai­nable cooling and heat for the new salmon facility at Marøya in Nærøysund. This includes annual energy recovery equal to the annual consumption of a couple of hundred Norwegian detached homes.

“It was natural for us to turn to our local supplier, Rørvik Kulde, when planning and designing the refri­ge­ration equipment for our new salmon plant,” says Eskil Laukvik, group vice president for plants at SinkabergHansen.

Greener aquaculture

Sinka­berg­Hansen is known for its commitment to energy-efficient solutions as a contri­bution to a greener aquaculture sector.

“Being intro­duced through Rørvik Kulde to PTG and its expertise in cooling and refri­ge­ration technology has been a strength for the project,” says Laukvik.

“The salmon plant now has good solutions which cool our product while ensuring sensible energy consumption for everything which needs cooling and heat. We think it will be a strength for the future that these two firms are now merging and unifying their expertise.”

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