Recruited by a presen­tation at school


Vinjar Eliassen, now qualified as refri­ge­ration technician at PTG in Narvik, inter­viewed in an article origi­nally written for the Kulde og varme­pumper trade journal.

Vinjar Eliassen had actually intended to be an elect­rician, he relates. “So I applied for that course when the time came to start upper secondary school. But then a bloke from PTG came to the school and talked about what it was like to be a refri­ge­ration technician. That sounded really inter­e­sting and prompted me to switch courses.”

This is an edited trans­lation of an article origi­nally written for the Kulde og varme­pumper trade journal by editor Jørn Wad.

Eliassen has never regretted this decision, and is now taking his quali­fying exam in that trade at PTG in Narvik. He sounds completely relaxed at the prospect, thanks to the solid training he has received from his first day as an apprentice and the good follow-up provided all the way. So taking the exam now is more or less a matter of doing just what he does on a normal day.


Asked whether he would recommend this trade to a friend, Eliassen says he would not hesitate to give it every praise. “In my view, it’s a very good trade – parti­cu­larly if you can join a small team like the one we have in Narvik.

“That let’s you try it all, both various service assign­ments and constructing instal­la­tions. Then you’re devel­oping the whole time, and it never gets boring.”

The 20-year-old secured his appren­ticeship towards the end of his second year at upper secondary school, and says he was lucky in getting it with PTG. That was his first choice.

“The reason for that’s simple – it looked like being the biggest and best company, so I was really keen to work there. And that’s turned out to be the right decision.

“As I said before, I’ve felt properly looked after the whole time. And that’s important when you get to where I am now, about to take the exam – that you feel confident about what you’re doing.”

Looking ahead

Eliassen certainly expresses a rock-solid conviction of quali­fying and has the opport­unity to continue working for PTG. He makes it clear that this is what he wants to do.

But he has no plans for the moment to continue his education. “I’m pleased to have reached the point of quali­fying as a skilled worker, and aim to work at that for a few years. Then we’ll see.

“At the moment, I haven’t actually thought much further than the exam. But I know, of course, that the company offers many opport­u­nities if you yourself want to go further.”

Asked what is absolutely the best feature of his job, he has to reflect a little before answering – a little hesitantly. “I don’t know, really. There’s a lot of satis­fying things to do here. But it’s probably the fact that this is such a varied job all the time.

“In that respect, we’re lucky here in Narvik with a small department. You just have to turn your hand to things when it’s necessary, which means the work is constantly changing. That suits me very well, so that’s undoubtedly what I appreciate most.

“This is a trade where I’m pretty certain to enjoy myself, and which I aim to continue with as far ahead as I can see now, at any rate. So to those young­sters who’re wondering what to become and are reading this, I can whole­hear­tedly recommend them – both girls and boys – becoming a refri­ge­ration technician.”

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