PTG strengthens production capacity in Norway

PTG is to invest more than NOK 20 million in expanding its Malmefjorden factory outside Molde in response to strong orders and a highly promising market in the aquaculture sector. Market requirements for quality and delivery precision are another consideration underlying this decision.
PTG i Malmefjorden

From left: Steinar Dale, Production manager in PTG, and Ketil Røberg, Vice president sales and marketing, Marine and industry, in PTG.

Expanding Malme­fjorden factory for more than NOK 20 million 

The Malme­fjorden branch, part of the former FrioNordica company, accounts for much of the group’s production capacity. In addition to investing in new facilities, the company is investi­gating roboti­sation of work processes to improve capacity and efficiency even further.

“Investing in larger premises and modern production facilities will substantially expand our capacity and efficiency,” says PTG CEO Terje Arnesen. “Manufacturing in Norway and a nationwide service network allow us to meet customer require­ments for quality, short delivery times and delivery precision.”

He notes that invest­ments are now being made in a number of fish farms on land, and that ever more new vessels are under construction for aquaculture and fishing.
“We’re experi­encing a strong influx of orders in the well boat market, while demand is also high for our solutions aimed at land-based aquaculture – primarily heat pumps tailored for various require­ments, as well as chilling and refri­ge­ration plants for fish processing.”

Solid partners
Arnesen reports that the seafood industry and its suppliers need solid partners who can deliver on time and quality, and that PTG is well positioned with a complete portfolio of sustai­nable tempe­rature and energy solutions for this market.
“Our customers greatly appreciate being able to draw on such a large Norwegian centre of expertise in tempe­rature management,” he says.

On land
“There’s a big need for our solutions in today’s smolt plants,” add Arnesen. “The industry is also raising ever larger smolts on land to shorten time in the sea and thereby obtain stronger fish who are less vulne­rable to lice and disease. We also believe the aquaculture sector will succeed in farming grow-out fish on land, and we’re well positioned for this market.
“The government’s commitment to awarding free licences for grow-out fish farms on land will contribute to this. We want to be in the forefront with our complete refri­ge­ration, freezing, air conditioning and heating solutions, and are thereby investing in Norwegian jobs, expertise and quality.”


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