Warehouses and commercial buildings

Tailored tempe­rature solutions for warehouses and commercial buildings.


We deliver tailored tempe­rature solutions for warehouses and commercial buildings in such sectors as retailing and the seafood industry. 

The automated refri­ge­ration and heating plants we supply are designed to ensure minimal energy consumption and efficient heat recovery.

Sustai­nable solutions
Our solutions provide efficient distri­bution of heat or cold. We identify opport­u­nities and fully exploit output in the systems, giving our customers low energy consumption, a quick return on their investment and increased profi­ta­bility for their production. 

We recover available surplus heat either directly or through storage, depending on which energy, heat or cold consumers are present in the building.  

Engineering and execution can also be offered in this area for venti­lation, elect­rical instal­la­tions and pipework. 

We recommend natural refri­gerants with a low global warming potential (GWP), such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or ammonia, but can also deliver plants with other types of refri­gerants. 

High perfor­mance
As a refri­gerant, CO2 performs well in both refri­ge­ration plants and heat pumps. It is very suitable for achieving high tempe­rature lift in heat pumps, with a corre­sponding reduction in energy consumption both summer and winter. 

Compact solutions
Compo­nents for CO2 instal­la­tions are substantially more compact than with alter­native refri­gerants which provide a corre­sponding cooling capacity. That yields consi­de­rable savings in energy, operating and mainte­nance costs. 


Environment-friendly energy plant for Marøya salmon facility

Environment-friendly energy plant for Marøya salmon facility

PTG secures major contract from SinkabergHansen
Properly fresh

Properly fresh

We are due to deliver, install and commission refri­ge­ration machinery during 2020 for 1 200 square metres of refri­ge­rated and air-conditioned storage of fruit and vegetables at…

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