Properly fresh


We are due to deliver, install and commission refri­ge­ration machinery during 2020 for 1 200 square metres of refri­ge­rated and air-conditioned storage of fruit and vegetables at BaRe Nord.

Based in Mo i Rana, this company is part of Bama, Norway’s largest supplier of fruit and vegetables. Year-round, the group ensures that produce from all over the world reaches some 17 000 Norwegian customers.

Freshness is an absolute requirement, and Bama has developed advanced logistics solutions which mean it can always deliver high-quality fresh produce.

The group also has a big involvement in diet and physical activity, ethical management and measures to benefit the climate and the environment.

Where the delivery of the new fruit and vegetable store is concerned, the following criteria have been important for Bama and us:

  • stable and correct temperature
  • the right humidity
  • low-noise fans providing a good working environment for store staff
  • environment-friendly CO2 refri­gerant
  • suction pressure optimi­sation, which saves power and keeps the produce from drying out.

“An unbroken refri­ge­ration chain is crucial if customers are to get the best products,” explains sales manager Ørjan Vonstad at BaRe Nord’s Mo i Rana department. “Delivering fruit and vegetables calls for meticulous control and problem-free logistics.”

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