Ice systems

Ice is the perfect chilling medium for fish and other seafood. We deliver container-based ice plants, ice machines and slurry ice production 


Our Finsam ice systems are recog­nised in the inter­na­tional seafood industry, and cover such products as container-based ice plants, ice machines and slurry ice production.

Finsam ice plants feature well-proven technology which offers unbea­table benefits:

  • easy to transport
  • big refri­ge­ration capacity
  • quick cooling
  • keeps the surface of the fish clean and moist.

Finsam contai­nerised ice plant

Contai­nerised ice plant able to provide automatic delivery to boats and lorries/bins, and to produce ice slurry.

Finsam ice plants are based on the well-proven ice rake concept, with delivery to fishing ports and factories all over the world.


Finsam plate ice

Finsam plate ice provides a versatile, clear and clean product, where flat and parallel surfaces without sharp edges reduce fish damage.

  • Clear and clean ice.
  • Moderate subcooling – produced ice is slightly sub-cooled but wet on one side.
  • Wet and dry-wet for instant cooling.
  • Dry for long-term storage and hot climates.
  • Adjustable thickness and crushing grades, can be adapted to all cooling purposes.
  • Less damage to the fish.
  • Larger cooling capacity per unit volume.
  • Free flowing – easy to handle.
  • Compact/solid frozen, water- and air-free.
  • Easy to convert for pumpable slurry ice.
  • Evapo­ration tempe­ra­tures from ‑10°C to ‑15°C give low power consumption.

Finsam flow-ice

Finsam flow-ice systems make it easy to distribute ice in pipe systems. You achieve a rapid decrease in fish tempe­rature, at the same time as the ice is very gentle and careful with the fish.

  • Pumpable and easy to distribute in pipe systems.
  • No fresh water required.
  • Very compact design.
  • Evapo­ration tempe­rature of ‑10°C gives low power consumption.
  • Designed for shipboard installation.
  • High-capacity models available with pump-circu­lated ammonia as refrigerant.
  • Can be combined with RSW units.
  • Complete plants include pumps, controls and storage systems.
  • Flow-ice racks with two to 12 ice generators for connection to remote refri­ge­ration systems.
  • Ice generators as an OEM product for other ice-machine manufacturers.

Finsam slurry ice

  • Ice slurry made from crushed, plate or flake ice.
  • Ice stored in dry condition.
  • High production capacity.
  • Large slurry storage tank not required.
  • Slurry and conven­tional ice from the same plant.
  • Possible to control salinity.

Finsam auto-ice

  • Self-service ice delivery with card system.
  • Customer database records for delivered ice.
  • Optional connection to admini­strative systems for sharing data (interphase).
  • Automatic control of functions via the control panel or a tablet, smart phone or computer.


Environment-friendly energy plant for Marøya salmon facility

Environment-friendly energy plant for Marøya salmon facility

PTG secures major contract from SinkabergHansen
Delivering complete ice plant to InnovaNor

Delivering complete ice plant to InnovaNor

PTG secures major contract from SalMar in Lenvik

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