Kulde­teknisk, FrioNordica and Kjøle­service Helgeland to become PTG

Kuldeteknisk AS will change its name to PTG AS during the autumn, with FrioNordica AS and Kjøleservice Helgeland AS being merged into it in due course. A new management team for the integrated organisation has been created from across the companies.

In addition to the appointment of Terje Arnesen as CEO and Milos Golic as CFO, Ketil Røberg (FrioNordica) has acquired respon­s­i­bility for the marine and industry market area while Martin Schjølberg (Kulde­teknisk) will be respon­sible for the commercial and climate market area.

Building technology group
“We’re very pleased to have secured Arnesen and Golic to continue our work of building a strong technology group to support growth in the global seafood industry,” says Arnstein Gunnestad Endresen, chair of PTG.

Nord Kapital­for­valtning is the main share­holder in PTG through Perfect Tempe­rature Group. Partner Anders Høifødt in Nord Kapital­for­valtning has the following comment on the integration:

“We’re stronger together, and will concen­trate on devel­oping environment-friendly and energy-efficient solutions with the quality and service our local customers and the global seafood market want.”

The value of perfect temperature
“The change of name and mergers mark that the groupings will now grow together,” says CEO Terje Arnesen. He explains that the PTG name is an abbre­viation of Perfect Tempe­rature Group and reflects the group’s slogan: the value of perfect temperature.

“I’m impressed by what these companies have achieved through research, product devel­opment, a nationwide service network and production in Norway,” Arnesen adds. “This will also be the corner­stone of our growth strategy in the future.”

Seafood inter­na­tio­nally, groceries nationally
“The seafood market in Norway and inter­na­tio­nally is our highest priority,” says Arnesen.​ “We’ll also be maintaining our commitment to the Norwegian grocery sector.”

Kulde­teknisk and Kjøle­service Helgeland have a very strong position in northern Norway’s grocery market, while FrioNordica has refined its technology for utilising fish natio­nally and inter­na­tio­nally on the basis of production in Norway. Kulde­teknisk and FrioNordica are known for using natural, environment-friendly and efficient refri­ge­ration media in their solutions.

Sustai­nable tempe­rature and energy solutions
PTG is a complete supplier, devel­oping sustai­nable tempe­rature and energy solutions which are in demand globally.

“A steadily growing world population needs efficient refri­ge­ration and freezing solutions,” observes Arnesen. “Energy is also a signi­ficant raw material, and our collective expertise with energy efficiency can contribute to substantial cost and emission reductions.”

Focus on product devel­opment and high service cover
“We aim to double our turnover during the next few years, not least through continued investment in research and devel­opment,” Arnesen reports. “We’ll also get more hands-on with new and existing customers geograp­hi­cally, techni­cally and through high service cover both along the Norwegian coast and internationally.”

Three decades in management
Arnesen has 30 years of management experience from industry, primarily with oil service and maritime equipment. He comes now from the post of CEO at Rapp Marine Group, which delivers winch equipment to fishing and research vessels. He contri­buted in part to the group becoming part of MacGregor and major Finnish group Cargotec in 2018.

Earlier appoint­ments include CEO at Rocksource (oil industry supplier), Bergen Group (shipbuilding), Bennex Group (subsea) and Scana Propulsion (ship’s equipment), and he has 18 years of experience from various management positions in Rolls-Royce Marine.

Finance and strategy
Golic also comes from Rapp Marine Group, where he was CFO in recent years. He earlier worked as deputy CEO and CFO of this group’s Serbian subsidiary.

His experience includes much work on strategy and growth processes, including last year’s sale of Rapp Marine Group. He has also been a consultant in the inter­na­tional BDO auditing network and financing company Société Générale.

New logo
The logo and name both build on PTG’s message: the value of perfect tempe­rature. To emphasise this, the company name is encircled by a C for Celsius, which in turn incor­po­rates the degree symbol.

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