Complete PTG refri­ge­ration system for Hardanger Fiskeforedling


The new Bømlo facility is due to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2022. Hardanger Fiske­for­edling harvests and packs salmon and trout for despatch to customers worldwide.

A forward-looking processing facility for salmon and trout is being built by Hardanger Fiske­for­edling in a new fishing port at Langevåg on Bømlo. PTG will be providing it with an upgraded version of its well-tested plant for ice production, distri­bution and storage, as well as a refri­ge­rated seawater (RSW) plant and other refri­ge­ration systems. The whole delivery will be manufactured by PTG in Norway.

Sales manager Roy Arild Fjellstad at PTG Kuldeteknisk.

Sales manager Roy Arild Fjellstad at PTG Kulde­teknisk is pleased that the contract has now been signed and the company can start work seriously.

“This has been an important contract for us,” he explains. “The new plant will contain many of the products our group can provide. We’re able to supply everything the customer wants, and to deliver a complete system.”

New generation of well-tested ice system
The complete delivery of an ice system for production, distri­bution and storage involves a well-tested solution with a good reputation. Over the past year, PTG has devoted much time and resources to upgrading it further.

“Meeting new require­ments and challenges intro­duced by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority has made a good system even better and given it even higher hygiene standards,” says Fjellstad. The contract with Hardanger Fiske­for­edling is worth about NOK 15 million.

The biggest heat pump manufactured by PTG being driven out of the Malme­fjorden factory on its way to what will become Salmon Evolution’s land-based fish farm.

Forward-looking facility
According to, the fish processing facility is set to occupy a central and forward-looking position in a new fishing port under construction at Langevåg. This devel­opment covers 2 000 square metres of new buildings as well as the conversion of 2 000 square metres in existing struc­tures and new process equipment for the factory.

The latter is being constructed to receive fish from waiting cages, harvest boats and wellboats, and includes refri­ge­rated tank capacity for 250 tonnes of fish. It is being designed with an eye to flexi­bility for the customer, sustai­na­bility and cost-effective handling of residual raw materials.

Production in Norway
“We’ve assembled some of the companies which rank among the best in Norway for tempe­rature control into a single group,” says Fjellstad. “By combining expertise built up in different teams, we can now deliver even better products.”

PTG has both expanded and moder­nised its factory at Malme­fjorden in Romsdal, where the RSW plant and the refri­ge­ration and ice systems for Hardanger
Fiske­for­edling are to be manufactured.

“We’re proud not only of having a big team for devel­oping new products but also of being able to produce them in Norway,” Fjellstad adds. “This means that we can fully guarantee the quality we deliver.”

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