PTG and Nordic Climate Group take next step in Ålesund with Multi Kulde Vest AS


From left: Peder Knutsen, CEO, Alice Teige, finance and admini­stration, and Sigfus Reynisson, project manager, all Multi Kulde Vest.

Multi Kulde Vest in Ålesund has become a wholly owned subsi­diary of Perfect Tempe­rature Group (PTG) , Norway’s leading centre of expertise for refri­ge­ration technology and part of Nordic Climate Group.

This follows the sale of the 60 per cent of the shares in Multi Kulde Vest still held by CEO Peder Knutsen, former principal share­holder in the company. It currently has an annual turnover of about NOK 50 million and 18 employees at depart­ments in Ålesund and Molde.

“I anticipate that we’ll derive great benefits from becoming part of a larger industrial commitment regio­nally, natio­nally and inter­na­tio­nally,” says Knutsen.

“We have a good foothold at small and medium-sized enter­prises in the seafood industry, and becoming part of PTG and Nordic Climate Group will give us even greater weight in this industrial segment.”

Peder Knutsen, CEO, Multi Kulde Vest.

In addition to seafood and other food processing, Multi Kulde Vest directs its services at customers in the grocery sector, hospi­tality, and cold/freezer stores. It offers everything from design and instal­lation to service, as well as supplying heat pumps.

The company has been part-owned by PTG since 2019, when the latter acquired Multi Kulde in Bodø which also had a share­holding in the Ålesund business.

“With Multi Kulde Vest as a full member of the team, we’ve further strengt­hened our position as Norway’s leading supplier of natural coolants,” says PTG CEO Terje Arnesen. “Its experience with CO2 as a coolant will make a big contribution.”

The Ålesund area and the surrounding region of western Norway are among the country’s most important seafood markets, and this transaction will reinforce PTG’s presence there.

“Our experience has been entirely positive, and taking this step therefore feels quite natural,” says Knudsen. “I’m convinced that we’ll thereby achieve further benefits from internal coope­ration in the group.

“The colla­bo­ration and exchange of experience between the companies in the various countries where PTG and Nordic Climate Group are present is parti­cu­larly inter­e­sting, and will have a stimu­lating effect for both me and my colleagues.”

This transaction is part of PTG’s growth ambitions in Norway’s grocery sector, and will also strengthen its service network for the seafood industry along the Norwegian coast.

“Multi Kulde Vest comple­ments us with both expertise and a local presence in Møre og Romsdal county,” notes Arnesen. “It’s built up a strong position through projects and service for the grocery sector, which also lays the basis for colla­bo­ration with other parts of our group.”

Nordic Climate Group gives emphasis to helping customers reduce their environ­mental impact and maximise their energy efficiency. It plans to continue building a leading north European company, with strong expansion both organi­cally and through further acquisitions.

“Our growth model builds on entre­preneurship and decen­tra­lised business units,” explains CEO Fredrik Gren at Nordic Climate Group. “Acquiring full ownership of Multi Kulde Vest allows us take further steps in a highly inter­e­sting local market.”

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