Heat pumps

Efficient heating and cooling with our compact heat pumps


We develop, design and deliver complete FrioNordica heat pump facilities for heating and cooling purposes in aquaculture, such as chilling brood­stock and live roe, warming smolts and in connection with harve­sting. Typical species are salmon, trout, cod, halibut and turbot.

In addition, we develop and deliver SuperHeat heat pumps using CO2 as the refri­gerant. These systems are well suited for the food processing industry, aquaculture, hospitals and housing cooperatives.


FrioNordica’s heat pumps use ammonia as their refri­gerant and are delivered in standard sizes from 350 to 2 500kW. The system has a very high perfor­mance in relation of power consumption, saves space and requires little refri­gerant charge.

Features and benefits

  • Ammonia is the most environment-friendly refri­gerant available, with excellent technical properties for low-tempe­rature heat pump operation.
  • J&E Hall rotary compressor of single screw design. Balanced compression cancels out radial forces on the main bearings. Overhaul intervals of 100 000 hours give very low mainte­nance costs.
  • Conti­nuously variable capacity control, 10–100%.
  • Variable frequency drive for compressor and pumps.
  • Seawater-cooled oil cooler for increased efficiency.
  • Titanium tubes and tube sheets in all heat exchangers. Tube joints are expanded and welded. Water heads are plastic.
  • Highly effective spray chiller with very low ammonia charge and low freeze-up risk.
  • 10-year corrosion guarantee for parts in contact with seawater.
  • FrioLogica controller offering automatic operation and monitoring of parameters. Supported and updated over the internet.
  • Heat exchangers and units are produced at our own factory in Norway.
  • Including heat exchangers for effluent energy recovery, the system can give up to 30kWh of combined heating power for each kWh of elect­rical energy consumed.


Our SuperHeat range covers complete water-to-water heat pumps with CO2 as the refri­gerant. These are parti­cu­larly suitable for water heating, but can also be used to deliver heating and cooling for other processes.

With a high coeffi­cient of perfor­mance (COP), these efficient heat pumps are constructed as compact units with heat outputs of 30–350kW. They are delivered complete and ready for plug-and-play, with batteries, user-friendly control system, pumps, compressor, coolers, valves, filters, automation and full internal cabling.

Delivered for 3x400V, 50Hz as standard, but can also be tailored for other power supplies. Stepless regulation.Simple operation via a touch­screen display, with opport­u­nities for remote control over the internet. Backlit LCD display shows opera­tional figures and status. Automatic regulation of hot water production.


Environment-friendly energy plant for Marøya salmon facility

Environment-friendly energy plant for Marøya salmon facility

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