Arctic Kulde becomes part of Norway’s largest centre of expertise on tempe­rature management

PTG acquires refrigeration and cooling specialist in Østfold
PTG, Norway’s largest centre of expertise on refri­ge­ration technology, has entered into an agreement to acquire Arctic Kulde AS in Spydeberg. The company supplies refri­ge­rators and freezers to a great many grocery outlets and factories in the Østfold region.

”Arctic Kulde is a very sound company, with a good financial position, modern equipment and premises, and highly competent personnel,” says group CEO Terje Arnesen at PTG.

”Its philo­sophy, which empha­sises the interaction between the technical plant and the environment, fits very well with us. Together, we’ll be parti­ci­pating in a steadily growing market for tempe­rature control.” 
Arctic Kulde offers design, construction, instal­lation, service and mainte­nance of environment-friendly refri­ge­ration and cooling systems for grocers, industry, agriculture, commercial buildings, conve­nience stores and service stations, as well as heat pumps for the household market. It currently has 13 employees. 
”We concen­trate on the use of natural refri­gerants and energy-efficient solutions,” explains CEO Roy Holmen at Arctic Kulde. ”The customer’s require­ments and wishes will be met in the best possible way from first contact, with a long-term and sustai­nable perspective. We see the value of perfect temperature.” 
Both management and share­holders in Arctic Kulde will remain involved by reinvesting in parent company Nordic Climate Group. 
”We’re very satisfied to secure the expertise and owners in Arctic Kulde for our continued journey,” says Anders Høifødt, chair of PTG. ”It has a very good foothold in Østfold, with a solid customer portfolio plus a high level of service and certi­fi­cation. This is a sound company with a good and growing financial position.” 
Terje Arnesen (group CEO, PTG). 
Anders Høifødt (chair, PTG). 
Roy Holmen (CEO, Arctic Kulde). 

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