PTG delivers RSW systems to DESS Aquaculture Shipping


The new Aqua Skilsøy well boat was delivered earlier this year from Turkey’s Sefine Shipyard to the DESS Aquaculture Shipping company in Grimstad on Norway’s south coast.

This is the third in a series of six such vessels equipped with sustai­nable refri­ge­rated seawater (RSW) systems from PTG Frionordica.

Twelve in all
A total of 12 RSW units with outputs of 1 750 kW are being supplied by the PTG company to the series. Aqua Spa and Aqua Maløy have already received two each.

DESS Aquaculture Shipping’s diesel-electric well boats are 84 metres long and have a tank capacity of 3 900 cubic metres. Their water-treatment capability is high, and they are prepared for new methods of combating lice and illness.

The company has developed the vessel concept in colla­bo­ration with Salt Ship Design, the Turkish newbuilding yard and Cflow.

Natural refri­gerants
The RSW units are equipped with control and alarm system from PTG Friologica. PTG Frionordica’s RSW systems utilise ammonia (NH3) as a natural refri­gerant and come in standard sizes from 350 to 2 500 kW.

They have a very high perfor­mance in relation to elect­ricity consumption, are space-saving and require a low refri­gerant load.

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