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Cost-effective, functional and environment-friendly cooling, freezing, heating and climate solutions. Everything from fast service jobs to turnkey deliveries.


We deliver refri­ge­ration, heating and climate solutions to shops, retail chains and building contractors, and accept all assign­ments from speedy service to turnkey deliveries. 

We under­stand the retail sector’s need for cost-efficient and functional solutions, expertise and delivera­bility, as well as the environ­mental and quality require­ments of consumers. 

Turnkey deliveries
We deliver and install complete technical solutions for cooling, freezing, venti­lation, elect­rical facilities and pipework. Refri­ge­rators and freezers are also supplied directly from the factory/supplier as specified by the customer. 

We tailor all functional aspects of an instal­lation, and take care of guarantee work and service as part of the overall delivery.

Optimal operation
Crucial consi­de­ra­tions for our customers are that new stores open by the planned date, and that conver­sions or service jobs do not cause loss of turnover or customers. We therefore execute our projects to the agreed time, price and quality. 

Quality and profitability
Well-functioning facilities create profi­ta­bility in the long term. Our customers therefore seek quality and expertise in relation to major invest­ments, conver­sions and regular servicing. 

Technical expertise and our certified management system provide assurance that the systems we deliver and the work we do meet the required quality. 

Relevant technical skills
Our employees are highly qualified and dedicated, and the majority are constantly out visiting customers. We therefore set strict require­ments for documented technical expertise for our personnel at every level. 

All our techni­cians and installers have relevant technical education and the profes­sional skills required to carry out their work. 

We have employees with long experience and a high level of engineering expertise to MSc and PhD level. Most are also certified as refri­ge­ration installers.

High level of service
Round-the-clock service is both necessary and goes without saying. We respond in order to solve your refri­ge­ration technology challenges as and when they arise. 

With flexible employees and fully equipped service vehicles, we can resolve your refri­ge­ration challenges quickly and effici­ently on the spot. 

Maximum energy utilisation
We deliver both high-end plants, with the emphasis on future earnings, and instal­la­tions for the low-price segment which are cheap and simple for those seeking to limit investment. 

To achieve maximum energy utili­sation, we often supply turnkey facilities which embrace a CO2-based refri­ge­ration plant, monitoring and tempe­rature logging, full heat recovery through hot water, and heating of premises, outdoor areas, car parking and heated streets. 


Modern CO2 refrigeration for Coop Extra Workinnmarka

Modern CO2 refri­ge­ration for Coop Extra Workinnmarka

This refri­ge­ration facility is a modern type with enclosed counters and cabinets, which reduces energy…

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