Control systems

Tailored solutions for automation and monitoring which give you full control and big energy savings


We deliver control systems for refri­ge­ration and heat recovery plants large or small, and for other processes. With a high level of expertise and a wide range of products, we can tailor an optimal solution for all purposes.

Monitoring and remote operation represent a natural part of our solutions. We can supply automated systems for new plants as well as moder­ni­sation and automation of existing facilities. That includes tailoring a variety of solutions, from simple notifi­cation by text message to more advanced systems with opport­u­nities for remote control over the internet.

Our automation department has expertise with a number of control and monitoring systems. We always offer the most advan­tageous solution in terms of price and functio­nality. And we use only quality machinery and compo­nents from reputable manufacturers.


FrioLogica Control is an electronic PLC-based monitoring and control device for refri­ge­ration plants and connected processes. It is easy to operate through a touch­screen display and on-line infor­mation about relevant conditions, such as pressure, tempe­rature, flow, running hours, percentage capacity, safety controls and alarm history. The system can commu­nicate over the internet and with central control systems, as well as with tablets, smart phones or computers.

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