An unbroken tempe­rature chain

We offer a complete portfolio of sustai­nable tempe­rature and energy solutions for your products.

Air conditioning

Efficient heating and cooling along with fast refri­ge­ration and thawing processes ensure that quality, taste and nutrients are maintained at peak throughout the tempe­rature chain. 

Our refri­ge­ration and heat-pump solutions help to keep foodstuffs fresh and unspoilt in a cost-efficient and environment-friendly way. 

In colla­bo­ration with our clients, we develop forward-looking solutions suitable for both large and small players in the grocery business. 

Our commercial/grocery customers include processers, whole­salers, individual shops, retail chains and building contractors. 


Modern CO2 refrigeration for Coop Extra Workinnmarka

Modern CO2 refri­ge­ration for Coop Extra Workinnmarka

This refri­ge­ration facility is a modern type with enclosed counters and cabinets, which reduces energy consumption and helps to ensure…

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