Give hope in a kettle


We at PTG have chosen this year to make a donation to the Salvation Army’s Christmas appeal instead of sending seasonal cards and greetings to our customers and partners.

In line with tradition, the Army’s “Christmas kettle” for donations will be popping up around and about Norway – and in digital format as well.

“We’re present in more than 100 local commu­nities, and see many needs,” says Elin Herikstad, leader of the Army’s section for welfare and development.

“Attention in some places is primarily directed at families with children, for example, and those facing very difficult living conditions. In others, people struggling with addiction require the biggest support.”

Much of the money collected is devoted to creating a good Christmas, combating loneliness and providing food, clothes and gifts for those who need them. But kettle cash also goes on year-round measures, such as holidays for families with children.

Herikstad empha­sises that people are facing an unusual Christmas. More are alone because of corona­virus restric­tions, while a lot have lost their jobs or been laid off.

“A helping hand is more necessary than ever,” she observes. “Many have seen their everyday lives turned upside down, and people who have never required help before are contacting us. Those who were in diffi­culties before are now even worse off.”

She is concerned that the Army should be relevant for as many people as possible. In practice, that may mean helping with acute hardship on the streets or making home visits.

Read more about the important Christmas kettle  (in Norwegian only)

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