Big PTG delivery to new warehouse hotel

Glacio expands with new cold-store facility in Tønsberg

Part of the team which will ensure completion of the delivery from PTG to Glacio: project manager Martin Corne­li­ussen (left) and instal­lation super­visor Espen Holm Nøkland.

Perfect Tempe­rature Group (PTG) is to supply sustai­nable freezer and refri­ge­rated storage solutions to Glacio, one of Norway’s leading providers of cold-chain logistics, under an agreement which covers the delivery of a large two-stage ammonia (NH3) plant and repre­sents substantial value for PTG.

“Our ambition is to build Norway’s largest commercial cold store in Tønsberg, with a fully-automated high bay,” says Glacio CEO Espen S Karlsen. “Choosing PTG as a long-term partner has been important here.

“We wanted to find a supplier with a size which made us comfor­table in terms of a long-term perspective and stability. PTG is a solid company which will support us with expertise, experience and relia­bility – and not least with regard to service intervals and unforeseen incidents.”

Estab­lished in 2003, Glacio has extensive experience with cold storage and tempe­rature-controlled transport. The group currently has four warehouse hotels for frozen and refri­ge­rated products, including two in Norway’s Østfold region and two in Sweden.

Strate­gically positioned
Karlsen reports that the company has already secured substantial contracts, including one from Nortura Tønsberg, and has high expecta­tions for its expansion Norway.

“Our new warehouse hotel is strate­gically positioned at Åskollen in Tønsberg, adjacent to the E18 highway and close to other big players in the food industry,” he says. “This location is ideal for efficient transport and closeness to the Oslo region.

“We’re not least right next door to Nortura, which is one of our most important customers. With the new freezer store, we satisfy extensive and complex tempe­rature-control require­ments set by this company – one of Norway’s largest food producers.”

“Since food must always maintain a perfect tempe­rature, we can’t tolerate any opera­tional shutdowns. With PTG, we have great assurance that the machinery is correctly dimensioned and that energy-efficient solutions have been chosen,” says Glacio CEO Espen S Karlsen.

How the new warehouse hotel at Åskollen in Tønsberg will look when completed in April 2024.

Unbroken tempe­rature chain
Glacio will offer a number of services involving an unbroken tempe­rature chain in the new plant, including freezing, freezer and cold stores, super-cooling, thawing, packing and readying for transport. The warehouse hotel is due for completion in April 2024.

“By combining these services, we want to be an attractive logistics partner for the market on the western side of the Oslo Fjord,” Karlsen explains.

He empha­sises the impor­tance of investing in solutions which position the company as a leader for sustai­nable food storage and logistics.

“Since food must always maintain a perfect tempe­rature, we can’t tolerate any opera­tional shutdowns. With PTG, we have great assurance that the machinery is correctly dimensioned and that energy-efficient solutions have been chosen.

“Given its technical expertise and our extensive experience in cold storage and efficient logistics, we expect this colla­bo­ration will contribute to increased food security, high quality and reduced waste.”

Big contract
Sales manager Roy Fjellstad at PTG is enthus­i­astic about the contact and the colla­bo­ration with Glacio.

“This is an big job for us, involving many of our employees in both Tromsø and Malme­fjorden,” he says. “A large part of the delivery comprises our own products in the form of the FrioComp compressor units manufactured in our Malme­fjorden factory.

“In addition come several sub-suppliers in Norway, Spain and Germany. We also see that our Grimstad department and affiliate companies in eastern Norway can be quickly mobilised if needed.”

Fjellstad says that this has been a highly inter­e­sting job to work on. “We’ve acquired insights into Glacio’s fantastic expertise in logistics and goods flow, while contri­buting our expertise in the design of refri­ge­ration and freezing facilities.

“We’ve jointly come up with a very good solution, where attention has also been devoted to recycling waste heat.”

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