Heat pump and refri­ge­ration plant for quick and careful thawing of frozen fish in a water bath


PerfectT­hawing is an energy system for perfect fish thawing. After rapid thawing of the fish in a water bath, the fish is chilled and kept refri­ge­rated until processing. This facility ensures optimal tempe­ra­tures throughout the process, and ensures that fish quality is maintained.

Heat pump technology is used to produce heat for the thawing process. The very energy-efficient plant gives energy savings of up to 400% compared with instal­la­tions combining elect­rical boilers and refrigeration.


Rapid freezing and thawing of fish are important for limiting fluid loss. Quick thawing is more signi­ficant for quality than had previously been thought. Our PerfectT­hawing system is ideal here.

Our seawater-cooled plants are delivered complete, with control system, compressors, valves, filters, automation and full internal cabling. PerfectT­hawing is easy to operate via a touch­screen display, with opport­u­nities for remote control over the internet.

  • Careful thawing
  • Energy savings up to 400%
  • Efficient
  • User-friendly
  • Low mainte­nance costs
  • Stepless regulation
  • Freeze­proof
  • CO2 – a natural refrigerant

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